IBella vs. MeganPlays playing Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg in RB Battles Season 3 Championship

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The fourth match of Roblox RB Battles Season 3 Championship saw IBella lock horns with MeganPlays in Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg. The winner of this matchup qualified for the Semi-finals to face Leah Ashe in Adopt Me!. Additionally, the winner won 30,000 Robux.

The YouTubers competed in two rounds, the first of which required each to design a maze within a set time limit and ensure it was possible to escape it. Then, they would have to try and make their way out of their opponent’s creation. In the second round, the content creators had to escape a special RB Battles-integrated town maze map.

Players had to build a maze or a trap room with an entrance and exit within 10 minutes. The competitor who finished first in the first round would have a significant edge in the second one.

Before the game started, Megan stated that she hadn’t built anything in the world of Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg since 2018. The matchup began once the hosts got to their seats.

Bella instantly showed off her skills by setting up the layout of her maze. Megan, on the other hand, started to place walls in a small patch of area.

Within two minutes, Bella started to place walls and design her maze. Megan’s escape room was quite compact when compared to Bella’s. Both participants added a lot of obstacles. With just three minutes and 40 seconds left, Megan expanded her escape room and started to add a lot of dead ends. Bella enhanced her maze by adding blank walls.

The content creators confirmed that their trap rooms were escapable and started to add lights. Russo added an extra minute to the timer to help the contestants do that.

After the lights were set up, the 10 minutes came to an end. The YouTubers were now tasked with escaping each other’s escape room. The time each participant took to do so would be added to her final round’s score, making the first game vital.

Both participants stood at the entrance to each other’s maze and, as the timer started, rushed inside to find the escape route. Megan got confused as she kept walking into dead ends. This turned out to be disastrous as she accidentally found herself back at the entrance. She lost a few valuable seconds due to this.

Bella found the escape route first and made it outside in just one minute and one second. Megan kept rerouting to the entrance; however, she eventually found a second layer to the escape route, climbed the small ladder, and reached the exit. The latter made it out after a minute and thirty-two seconds.

This round was held on a custom RB Battles integration map. Players had to select an entrance from three houses: green, blue, and pink. Then, they would have to climb to the clock tower in the middle of the map from the underground part of their houses. Once they reached the top of the tower, they got to choose a tube and drop into it to win.

Megan picked the pink house, while Bella chose the blue one. Both of them hopped over green petals and rushed to their homes. Megan managed to find the route leading underground without any problem. Bella struggled to jump on the house’s entrance platforms. Eventually, she went in and found the way underground.

The timer began, and both of them were keen to reach the top of the clock tower as soon as possible. Bella found her way out of the underground and was making a lot of progress by parkouring around her house. Megan couldn’t find a path leading out of the underground area.

The game was in Bella’s hands as she got to the clock tower first. Finally, she got to the porthole window of the clock tower and found the tubes.

The content creator chose a tube, performed a jump, and missed the hole. This hindered her progress, as she had to climb back up the clock tower. Six minutes and fifty-five seconds passed, and Bella was still finding a way to the top of the clock tower.

Megan’s luck ran out as she couldn’t find a way out of the underground. Bella, on the other hand, reached the top of the clock tower again and made a perfect jump into a tube. However, it was the wrong one, and she had to go to the window of the clock tower one more time.

It became very evident that Megan was going to lose as she couldn’t leave the underground room. Bella reached the top of the tower clock for the third time and jumped into the right tube. This time it was the right one, and she got the win in the final round.

Bella scored nine minutes and fifty-five seconds, beating Megan, who had over ten minutes on her final score. IBella made it to the semi-finals and took home 30,000 Robux.

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